• Psdtuts asked us if we were interested in launching a new project about wallpapers. We had the honor to make the first wallpapers, which you can find below. From now on you can expect some amazing wallpapers every month on psdtuts next to their interviews and tutorials.

    Sizes; 1024x 768 / 1280x800 / 1280x1024 / 1440x900 / 1680x1050 / 1920x1200 / iPhone
  • A Trip
    This wallpaper shows my trip to outer space. Programs I’ve used areAdobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I really like to draw abstractpatterns in illustrator and they’re perfect to fill up my work and addsome fun touches to it.

    With Photoshop I cut and paste stuff, touch everything up and brusharound. I experiment all the time with works like this. And the greatpart of it, most of my experimental works leads to new jobopportunities, so go crazy and find new techniques or effects you like.You will see they come very handy in the future. For this work I wasinspired by some Japanese background music from a war movie actually. Inever listened to this music before, but it helped me with this work alot.
  • Tuts+
    Recently I’ve been experimenting with typography (I love to work withtypography). Drawing my doodles and patterns, and because I’ve receivedso much positive feedback, I thought I should use it for a wallpaper. Iused Adobe Illustrator to illustrate my doodles and patterns for thistypographic artwork and Photoshop for my background.
  • You can download the wallpapers here - Psdtuts.com
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  • Step by Step for A Trip
  • A TRIP Print is available in the following sizes:

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