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Przemiany Festival programme.
I was responsible for designing festival programme which was a part of Przemiany Festival 2012 identity. It included map of events along with their descriptions, timetable and festival's key visual.
Przemiany Festival focuses on people living in a city which is developing in a dynamic way, people who both observe and initiate constant changes happening in culture. Transformations are permanent elements of our daily lives and the artistic events of the festival will make it easier for us to get used to them.
The city, localness, neighbourhood, human communication, mutual and forever changing relations between people – these are the main themes of Przemiany. We will share the festival with the surroundings from which Przemiany grew out of: Powiśle and its inhabitants, local organizations and social initiatives.
The identity of Przemiany Festival was created at Super Super in the team of Hanna Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski, Jan Dudzik, Bartosz Szymkiewicz, Natalia Kotkowska, Paweł Eibel (photo)
3d form design: Bartek Dąbkowski (Lunapark)

Created for Centrum Nauki Kopernik.