Prosecutions Offices Complex

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  • Master degree diploma
    ​Status: concept design, degree diploma
    Location: Gdańsk, Poland
    Program: mixed use buildings with restricted access zones
    Year: 2010
    Conceptual project of Prosecutions Offices Complex composing of 5 organizational units: Appeals, district Public Prosecutor's Office and 3 district prosecutions departments. The complex is located in historical centre of Gdańsk. The project is divided into 3 buildings:
    A- Basic Prosecutions building, 6 storeys with one underground level,
    B- accompanying functions building, 6 storeys, C- open parking lot, 3 storey.
    Architectural form and used materials are corresponding to nearby historical development of Gdańsk and industrial development of Gdańsk Shipyard, additionally they cover specific needs of this office, such as restricted access, security and countering interception of data. 3 dimensional perforated  elevation made of rusted steel counters invigilation with use of laser devices and works as Faraday’s Cage to prevent electromagnetic interception of digital data.