Proposed New Logo for Firehouse Pizza & Pub

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  • Proposed New Logo
    Firehouse Pizza & Pub
  • I created this logo for a creative brief in by Creative Design class at Illinois State University. The campaign was focused around a local bar/restaurant and their unique amenities to the students and community members of the Bloomington-Normal area. Their current logo features a cartoon man with a pizza, and the text “Firehouse Pizza and Pub” around the figure. We thought that this logo obviously does not encompass everything that Firehouse presents to their target markets, so a new logo was developed.
  • The color scheme used for the logo exemplified warm colors (red and yellow) to correlate with fire. Black and white was also used for increased readability and contrast. The base shape ofthe logo represents a fireman’s crest, which is a recognizable object for the overwhelming majority of people. The center circle features the text “FIREHOUSE” in a warm yellow color with the Copperplate Gothic Bold font. This font was chosen for its clean-cut, bold, and attractive look. Behind that text are the letters “FH” in the color white.These letters represent the first letters in the two syllables in the word firehouse. However, the opacity of these letters were brought down to 10% tosimulate a dark gray color. The “FH” text is still easily visible, especially in the unique Eccentric Std font, but it fills out the rest of the black negative space behind the warm yellow “FIREHOUSE” text. The four maroon sections around the circle each have a unique feature that Firehouse possesses. Starting from the left going clockwise, these sections read: Music, Pizza, Games, and Pub. These features are in white and in the TW Cen MT Condensed font, which is a simple, sans-serif font. Overall the logo is extremely appealing and can be easily read, even from a distance. I was able to successfully incorporate and include Firehouse’s unique offering in the logo,which has the potential to successfully accomplish the objectives to increase awareness of the amenities of Firehouse faster and to a greater extent.

    Hopefully this in-depth description and analysis of the proposed logo helped you understand my thought process while developing it. I hope you enjoy!