Prophecy Inc.

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  • Prophecy Inc.
    A pop-up project
  • In this project we had to come up with real products that would be sold in a pop-up event at LOFTE.

    What inicialy started by being a time machine shop - where you could somehow travel through time – developed to be a prophecy based experience. The thought that came more often to me was that whenever someone talked about prophecies I imediatly thought about Nostradamus and his dark predictions of the the future. That was where I decided to take my experience in terms of image, into a more related to occult theme than to the whole new age language.

    There were two main products: the Volvelle which is an information wheel chart that can be used as a game, in this case, to predict the future, and the tea leaves kit which was a package with a tea cup and a dictionary that would guide you through the understanding of the symbology of the leaves and it's meaning. 

  • 1. The Volvelle
  • 2. The tea leaf kit
  • 3. Packaging/Identity