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Branding, signage and concession stand design.
Proper Sausages
Although a very successful food concession on the summer festivals circuit, Proper Sausages realised the need to stay fresh. New vendors were competing not just on menu and price but on looks. The brief was to keep the name but enliven the brand with a cheeky, even ironic appeal that would enthuse trendy, recession squeezed customers. 
In early copywriting sessions the initial, heritage-style sketches kept suggesting the line: Nothing Dodgy, Honest. The approach was to pick up this theme, staying true to the all-natural ingredients. The concession stand and menu graphics soon followed; and featured similar copy-lines like: Real, honest potatoes were harmed when making our mash.
After the re-brand sales went up by 25% and Proper Sausages was the number one concession brand at the summer festivals .