Projecto Montra — Lisboa 2012

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    — Art Project
    [Lisbon, 2102 — Portugal]
  • The Montra (“Storefront”) project aims to present a selection of young Portuguese artists, finalists from art and design courses and even artists working outside the commercial circuits, who show their work publicly for the first time.

    Montra establishes itself as a support for contemporary art in public space. The conceptual solution is intended to display the need to focus on boosting urban spaces, without losing their identity and focusing on the specific contexts of geographical, social and cultural location.

    The artists will transform storefronts in artistic objects, considering the "storefront” as a potential support, like a screen or any other material. Using windows as a support, the project invites passersbys to look and be surprised in their usual routes, like a “flâneur” exploring the city.

    Work developed for P28 Association and Centro Comercial Allegro.
  • Computer Arts: Spotlight

    "Aside from the instant aesthetic appeal of the bright, vibrant colours, it´s Francisco´s experimental approach and total refusal to abide by the traditional rules of typography that makes his work truly engaging,"

    Computer Arts collection art editor Luke O´neil