Client     Fox, Microsoft (Internet Explorer)
    Studio    Ignition Interactive
    Date       May, 2012
  • Ignition Creative teamed up with the Microsoft's Internet Explorer team to create an HTML5 experience that challenged fans to prove they had what it takes to be a part of the Project Prometheus Program. 

    As with any space exploration program, aspirant Prometheus crew members would have to be in peak physical and mental condition to qualify for employment with the Weyland Corporation. Thusly, applicants were introduced to the Training Center facility and a series of POV puzzles, logic quizzes, and physical tests which were administered by a specially-designed Weyland Android named Andrea Bishop. 

    In addition to giving fans an immersive activity to partake in, the Training Center experience allowed us to introduce new finespun details about the story world and challenged fans' preconceptions about what the Project Prometheus mission was really about.
  • The first physical test in the Project Prometheus Recruitment series was designed to test the user’s agility. Users ran on an endless treadmill from a first-person perspective in a holographic simulation. As they ran, they encountered holographic obstacles which must be avoided with the left or right arrow keys.
  • The second physical test in the Project Prometheus Recruitment series tested the user’s ability to maintain their balance and precise control in a simulation of a gravity-free environment. The is placed in a first-person perspective in a microgravity training chair and attempt to keep their mouse cursor on a small red dot. When the simulation starts, the dot begins moving relatively slowly, but as the simulation ramps up the dot begins jumping around erratically, increasing the difficulty level for the user.
  • The first iteration of the cognitive test series is a twelve question multiple-choice interview in which users must choose between three possible answers to a question with significant implications about the events of the film.
  • The second cognitive test measured the user’s ability to recognize patterns and make snap judgments about objects’ physical relationships. The test is presented as a holographic representation of an abstract shape; the user must then rotate this shape with the left and right arrow keys so that it fits into a hole in the floor of the test chamber.
  • The final cognitive test - and the final test of the Project Prometheus Recruitment series - challenges users to solve a puzzle made up of a set of numbered 3D cubes by manipulating all pieces in the set into their numerical order (1, 2, 3). The Prefrontal Cortex Assessment will consist of two stages - a simple 3x3 grid followed by a 3x3x3 array floating in space in front of the user. The test was won or lost based on the total number of moves it took to complete the puzzle.

    Creative Direction: Chris Eyerman, Evan DeHaven
    Art Direction: Nick Boes
    Production: Maiko Sakurai, Jamie Somphanthabansouk, Parker Sapp
    Copywriting & Strategy: Ashley Crandall, James Cobo, Nina Kauffman
    Design: Nick Boes
    Production Design: Andy Burdin, Jacob Jansson, Wilson Saloj
    Motion Design: Nick Boes, Jacob Jansson, Wilson Saloj
    Development: Thomas Mulloy, Matt Johnston, Matt Matijevich
    3D Game Development: Plain Concepts
    3D Modeling & Animation: Shaded Box, Nick Boes
    Motion Compositing: Eric DeHaven, Nick Boes
    Live Action Shoot: Robert Uncles, Stuart Cropley, Morgan Locke
    Social Media Coordinators: Lindsey Shaw, Amber Eyerman
    Sound Design: Bob Partridge
    2013, Branded Content & Entertainment Lion - Best Integrated Campaign, Gold *
    2013, Cyber Lion - Best Digitally Led Integrated Campaign, Bronze *
    2013, Promo & Activation Lion - Best Online Advertising in a Promotional Campaign, Shortlist *

    Project Prometheus Training Center - 2013, Finalist
    Project Prometheus Training Center - 2013, Honoree (2 categories)

    2012, Online Campaign of the Year *

    2012, Integrated Campaign, Gold

    Project Prometheus Training Center - 07.02.2012 Site Of The Day

    Project Prometheus Training Center - 07.01.2012 Site Of The Day
    *All awards that do not specifically say "Project Prometheus Training Center" are awards that the complete Prometheus campaign earned with the Training Center being an integral piece to the campaigns success.