Project Paperclip | Interactive Photography Exhibit

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  • Project Paperclip is the first photographic exhibit to use augmented reality (real-time processed reactive soundscapes).

    The experience is unique each time it is activated as the app’s algorithm utilizes real-time processing of variables from the visitors location, such as: the time of day, the level of noise that exists in the room,your voice, the movement and localization of the user, amongst many others.

    This video was filmed at the opening (Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas) and doesn't reflect the interactivity of the software (no reactive sound is possible). Make sure you test it for yourself:

  • What is being said:
    “It is subtly disconcerting, an ominous prediction of the artificial realities we build with the help of smartphone apps and the Internet.” ReadWriteWeb
    “The photos are surreal, especially with the pairing of soundtracks.” Mashable
    "Uma experiência única." Vogue Portugal
    “There’s still people using the technology in innovative ways.” TheCreatorsProject
    “Photography exhibit in Portugal is using augmented reality and QR codes to enrich the viewer experience, demonstrating applications for the technology in the finearts”. PSFK
    “With the use of an iPhone app, photographer Nuno Serrão has created an all encompassing experience for anyone who wants to view his photography the way it was intended.” TheNextWeb
    “ (…) the concept of an app containing a portion of the exhibit itself is completely new and fascinating.” Appadvice

    To make full use of this exhibition, visitors that have an iPhone 3 or above need to download Project Paperclip application, at the AppStore. Equipped with a headphones (the better the quality, the more immersive the simulation will be), switch on the App and follow instructions to activate the soundscapes.

    You can find more information and test the concept at: