Project Messenger: Local Motors Concept

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  • Project: Messenger
  • The US Military is looking for a vehicle for their lineup that fits between a Humvee and an ATV.  Full off road capabilities,capacity for a minimum of 4 soldiers, yet very lightweight to access and escape danger very quickly. Holds to the philosophy of "escaping a fight is better than enduring one." It was required to use LM's existing Rally Fighter chassis, and the project emphasized on ease and cost effectiveness of manufacturing.
  • Flat, angular surfacing was used throughout the body both for stealth reasons as well as ease of manufacturing. 
  • I chose a pickup layout for max customizability.  The load that soldiers put in this vehicle could range from the backpacks of two passengers to transporting 3+ prone injured soldiers.   The fenders hold a first aid kit, offroad tools and a vehicle body patch kit should the need arise. 

    The headlights and taillights can be removed for emergency lighting (flashlight/torch).

    The doors can be quickly removed to use as a mobile shield. 
  • Process. This vehicle was based on the existing Local Motors Rally Fighter chassis.