• Project Luna
    Because Everyone Deserves a Restful Night’s Sleep.
  • Everybody deserves to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake up well rested.
    Simply put, everybody deserves to have a good morning, the ultimate end benefit to
    a good night’s sleep. But for the 20 million Americans with insomnia, the restful sleep
    that leads to a good morning remains elusive.

    Lunesta is on a mission to make more good mornings happen for more people. That's why we created Project Luna. More than an ad campaign, Project Luna is a substantive, metrics-based initiative that supports the sleep-deprived with information, tools, encouragement, and (of course) medicine.
    Because feeling groggy is no way to start the day. And tossing and turning is no way to spend the night: Because everyone deserves a restful night's sleep.