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Design & Marketing Rebranding Group Project
Project iluma - Rebranding / Creative Advertising
Client: Student Artwork of  James Voon, Darwin Tandiawan, Thomas Huang, Yu Peng Kok
The idea is to turn Iluma into a 24 hour shopping & nightlife entertainment. While the current Iluma is targeting young professionals and arts, we decide to rebrand and turn it into a place filled with night life and entertainment enjoyed by youngsters. With its own brand, they can create their own 24hrs cafeteria, entertainment and nightlife.

This was the very project which i enjoyed doing the most with my team. The process of idea & brainstorming are always fun, enjoyable and humorous.

Client: Iluma *for project purposeProject type: Re-branding & AdvertisingCreative team: James Voon, Darwin Tandiawan, Thomas Huang, Yu Peng Kok

*Artworks shown below are only parts from the complete project.