Project Embrace a million inhabitants

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  • Project Embrace a million inhabitants
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    La Plaza Mayor de Maipú is a square that hosts nearly one million people every day. It has an area of 20,000 m2. Based on the analysis of the particular location to the immediate context and taking into account the accessibility of the Metro project, will consider a proposal to that ordered the district contest in commemoration of the Bicentennial, and for being the place where the proclamation of Independiacia de Chile.
    Generate a clear strategy that accounts for general party, that conditions the plaza to the new future status. Keep in mind that the square also contains millions of pilgrims flock every year to Templo Votivo de Maipú and all who visit the historical landmarks that are in place.
    The concept of HUG = CONCENTRATION. In the square there are flows of people and created severe tensions within the plaza space. Making it difficult to stay within the square. On the other hand, the absence of vegetation on the lower pole, the flow accelerates to the different foci. In contrast, the other upper pole, indicating the existence of a more permanent vegetation on the site. The ACT strategy through WRAPPING => HOST / RECEIVE / COVER this great flow, this mass in motion, giving room for the break with pockets of permanence with the quality of spontaneity. A place where the square active ephemeral. WHAT WRAP = AREA / MASS, constituting a new refocus on space "space" in which one can live, go, especially inside. The same space / place, goes on to become a flexible space at a time of concentration that contains and directs the tension flows.

    STRATEGY> Generate a double surface, stratified layers can go dually plaza.Que "between" and "on" concentrating different surface stays the night and day. A surface that does destensionar and redirect the flow of pedestrian movements.