Unfinished project
  • Chimerism occurs naturally in adult Ceratioid anglerfish and is in fact a natural and
    essential part of their life cycle. One or more males attach to a female as "parasites"
    (they must do so,as they will never fully mature alone), eventually fusing into a single, hermaphroditic individual with a shared circulatory system.
    Once fused to a female, the males will reach sexual maturity, developing large testicles
    as their other organs atrophy.
    This page will function similar to a blog and will be updated as the project evolves.

  • This story is nothing of a fluid chronicle, but mainly loose thoughts and recollections of a dairy, that seemed important enough to be captured and remembered and has been woven into a storyline. Its the uncontrollable ramblings of an aggravated passive activist, a fallen dreamer who became a hypocrite.
    I've written many versions of this urban legend, some parts are still omitted because I was incapable to describe it  sufficiently and my words did it injustice.
    This is also why this narrative houses no concrete answers, but tells you about the potential translations of details. The story is build up out of statements that aren't facts and just give the impression of what could be a possible truth. It just makes you aware, but unaware to what exactly.