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2010 Flagler Typography Project
2010 Typography Project
Profound began as type installation from my typography class in the spring of 2010. The typography assignment called to construct a word with multiples of a single object and to display it in a public space. Our group chose profound because it is characterized by intensity of quality and or having intellectual depth and insight. My role in my group was to design the word iself. The typeface I created for the installation was intricate and had to have a small enough pixel to form the shapes correctly. The type also needed to be easily placed into an object that would strengthen the meaning of the word. I decided to choose yellow push pins to illustrate the word do to it's small nature, precision placement and it's eect it had in masses. The pins were to be placed into a wall of books facing page side on the rst oor of the Flagler Library. The books were donated by the library and the installation was featured in the summer 2010 Flagler College Magazine. The completed project took a total of 22 hours, 800 books and 16,000 pins.