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Candle label design for Roman Candles, Bath.
In May 2012, I was asked by the lovely people at Roman Candles, Bath to design a label for a new and exclusive candle available only in Bath, UK. Here’s my workflow to the finished product.
I started by thinking ‘what does Bath say to me?’, so I got to sketching some ideas. My first thought was a skyline of buildings, including the Abbey or the Crescent – it didn’t flow very well, so I picked up on the Roman theme, and created a roman head. Another idea I had was the infamous Bath Spa 'Gorgon', to my eye, the circular design worked better with the text.
The font I preferred was OptimusPrinceps which has an almost roman, serif feel to it and whilst I liked creating the roman, the decision was made to go for the gorgon idea. Copyrights had to be cleared from Bath & North East Somerset Council, so after some discussion, it was decided to go ahead with the gorgon idea.