• Sano y Rico
    Stamp proposal of "Healthy food Universidad Iberoamericana's program".
  • 9º Foro Teórico Internacional sobre Oralidades
    Electronic Poster of Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • Projeto Carioca
    Card commemorative of Rio de Janeiro's 450 aniversary.

  • "Kascarasa", the house of the future
    Concepto proposal for Art Oikos Awards.

  • 80 aniversario de Luiza
    Commemorative materials.

  • Propuesta para FID Carteles
    Campaign against youth alcoholism.

  • Proyecto #Comoves 
    Compilation of images.
  • Transeúnte México

    View more on Transeunte.
  • Design Click – América Latina
    Photography project.
    View more on Flickr.
  • MousiPad
    Conceptual product.
  • Serial Silker by Threadless
    Tee proposal.
    View more on Threadless.
  • Silk-screen
    Academic projects.