Process for Illustration for an Environmental Magazine
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Illustration for an Environmental Magazine
I was asked to create an illustration for Current Conservation, a magazine about environmental issues. The article was about protecting and preserving the land using the knowledge of indegenous people who knew their land intimately. The article focused especially on Australian landscapes and the knowledge of native australians.
My process for creating this illustration is shown below.
Here above is a drawing of the concept. This was roughly coloured as you can see in the illustration below, to get a sense of colour co-ordination. Naturally I chose the deep red of the Western Australian Landscape. I sent the sketch below to the client who liked the idea but requested a thinner hand.
Below, you can see the final drawing of a thin hand and Uluru. This was drawn on thick Derwent paper and coloured in with pastel before being carefully cut.
Then on a seperate sheet of white paper, I drew a picture of the composition for the illustration along with the borders for my reference.
With the help of my lightbox, I carefully stuck everything together in place.
And there is the final illustration ready to be photographed and sent across.
The published work as a double spread and on the cover in Current Conservation magazine.