• Probiotic Garden Kombucha
  • A set of dishes for culture in the home of live bacterial cultures Kombucha.
    Kombucha is an effervescent tea-based beverage. As with all foods, care must be taken during preparation and storage to prevent contamination. Keeping the kombucha brew safe and contamination-free is a concern to many home brewers. Key components of food safety when brewing kombucha include clean environment, proper temperature, and low pH.

  • Set of dishes:

    1. The jar with lid (6l capacity), and integrated tap.
    2. Stand.
    3. Glass - 4 pcs.
    4. Tea pot.
    5. The jar to make vinegar.
    6. Dish washing, "mushroom".
    7. Mata.
    8. Reusable bottle.
    9. Bottle cap - 2 pieces
    10. Funnel.
    11. Sugar.
    12. Jar with lid for tea.