Pro Rock Paper Scissors App

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  • My coworkers and I had been playing Rock Paper Scissors like a fiend for a little while, which inspired me to work on "Pro Rock Paper Scissors"! It's like the WWF of hand games. Pro RPS has been in development for quite some time now, about 2 years. I'd start work on it, then get bored or burnt out and forget about it for a few months, then repeat the process. Well, finally I buckled down (mainly because there was a blizzard and I had nothing else to do) and finished this bad boy up.
    While there's a billion RPS apps on the market, what makes this one unique is the Pro Wrestling style and retro appearance it takes on. You select your "fighter" and go toe to toe (hand to hand?) with various opponents who not only use Rock, Paper and Scissors, but also weapons like Water Balloon, Lighter, Caveman and Guitar.
    When you lose, you don't just hang your head in shame, you die in colorful ways, fun!
    In addition to the pixel art (which I used "Make Pixel Art" to create, I also composed the soundtrack to the game using Fruity Loops for the iPhone.
    PRO RPS was developed in AS3 using Flash CS6 and AIR 3.4.
    PRO ROCK PAPER SCISSORS is available on the App Store for 99 cents, just follow the link below: