• Challenge
    Privado Seguros (Wells Fargo Group) is a top insurance company for investors. They wanted a site that reflected their premium client approach and close relationship.

    We created a website that was in itself an immersive rich brand experience. We took the 3 main pillars of the institution and build on that. Three main sets were created from scratch symbolising those pillars and in each one we represented the relationship between the company and its clients. Lighthouse & Boat. Horse & Fence. Ballon & Wind Sleeve.

    Art Direction / Design / 3D / Video Production and Post

    Awards & Recognition
    Gold award at the Portuguese Creative Club Festival 2009, in the Institutional Site category.
    Silver award at the El Ojo de Iberoamerica Festival 2009 (Argentina), in the Institutional Site category.

    Flash Coding by Paulo Afonso
    Sound Design by Jean Santos
    Copy by Paulo Costa
    Creative Direction by João Fernandes
    ©2008 VIEW Isobar