• Privacy Chair
    Dining Together Matters
    Privacy Chair blocks out the distractions that can interrupt a meal. Limiting the user’s view creates an intimate atmosphere, forcing the user to focus on their companion.
    The design aims to encourage conversation and interaction between individuals when dining.
  • Dining is an important ritual. For many, the act of dining and eating together has been lost. For several individuals, dining has been reduced to a rushed affair. We “eat” but do not engage in a dining experience.
    In contemporary society, there are numerous factors to blame for this outcome. Increasingly, we see a large proportion of people eating on ‘the move’.
    Dining habits have changed.
    Privacy Chair, is one piece from the collection; Dining Together Matters, which aims to encourage a different way. My intention is to celebrate the joy of eating and dining. Establishing the importance of eating with others is the core message of this project.