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The above prints are from the exhibition  
- /// With Good Reason /// -

2012 had its fair share of unusual weather occurrences with a general feeling that the whole year was a wash out and with more devastating weather events across the globe.

With information being broadcast from the met office through the BBC as ‘the wettest April in a 100 years’, facts regarding the British weather on a daily basis are fed to us through media channels and fuels the obsession of our favourite pass time topic of conversation.

I have at times been guilty of dwelling on weather conversations and seen a fair share of how the weather can affect the life around me, in particular my state of mind. I can’t help but laugh to myself at times to what length the British people obsess over a topic that is out of our control and won’t change no matter how often we discuss and report to each other on its progress.

Focuses on terms to depict weather occurrences made me ponder terms I often heard growing up e.g. ‘Good morning Mr Magpie’ our mum often regaled when noticing a single magpie and ‘It’s Crackin’ Flags’ on a lovely Summers day. Albeit superstitious terms belonging to magpies are not weather related the habit British people have in using terms that belong to everyday occurrences are rooted throughout my life.
Is the weather down to bad luck/global influences or just the way things are?

‘With good reason’ we as a nation have a lot to talk about when describing the weather.

How often the topic of weather conversation occurs in my life amuses me greatly. Sayings from people that pass through my life all have that one common interest and the right to feel they can maybe do something about it if the feeling of discontent/happiness is shared.

The basis of the exhibition is to explore new typographic/illustrative work based around weather conversations including terms and expressions that have been used through my life to describe quickly what may be occurring at that particular time.

The terms of weather descriptions used across the artwork have been used in life either by myself or been picked up through family and friends.