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    From this past year
  • Some silkscreen prints, gliceés, and arty stuff.
  • 7 inch is a limited edition of 50 silkscreen prints. Silkscreenprint on paper with handmade background. Size: 35x25cm Paper: Fabriano 350gr.

  • Mucho Calor. Giclée print. 60x40cm

  • Dilema 01 & 02. Diptich Giclée 42 X 59cm, Premium art smooth paper 225 gr.

  • Tales. Limited edition of 25 silkscreen prints. Silkscreenprint over paper with a handwritten excerpt background from different books. Size: 35x25cm. Paper: Fabriano 350gr. Signed and numbered.

  • Wu-Tang Clan. Giclée print on Premium Art Smooth Paper 225g.

  • Trust Nobody is a limited edition of 75 silkscreen prints. Size: 50x35cm Paper: Fabriano 350gr.

  • Macba days. Acrylic on paper. 70x100cm
  • Kalashnicrok. Handmade wood weapon/animal. Bought by pro skater Louie Barletta and used for his promodel on Enjoi skateboards. Photo by Roberto Alegria

  • Gypsy Matrioshkas. Acrylic on typical wood russian dollsFlamenco gypsy dolls.

  • Observador. Installation for Grafika Exhibition at Instituto Cervantes in Madrid