Print Making or Else!

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    A collection of Aquatints, Etchings, etc. 
    The first set is from my Printmaking thesis 'Degeneration in Rebirth' -( a total of 12 prints approx. 2ft by 3ft) 
    The second set is a mixed media compilation of sketches, prints etc. 
  • The Degeneration in Rebirth - Naked and skinned is where we begin. (2000)

    A journey into 12 stages of a mental, spiritual, and physical breakdown that comes before the final breakthrough, and rebirth of an idea, of a full being.
  • Degeneration in rebirth: aquatint

  • Ripe with Decay
  • Rage that is shaking me, is the rage that is making me.
  • Wash Ashore
  • Time thieves, time heals - but the mark still remains.
  • Inception
  • Across the wastes of space, fields of air, I hear someone crying; CHICKEN?
  • Lies we belive in
  • The moth girl
  • Collographs, Dry Points, Mono Prints, Sugar-Lifts, Acid Bites and Mixed Media 
  • We can still have tea, when there is no breakfast table...
    Mixed Media
  • Enter: Sad Man of the Far Seas
  • Where the Angles Dismantle
    Mixed Media
  • The Water People, Deep inside you (1: Blue)
    Aquatint + Etching
  • The Water People, Deep inside you (2: Red)
    ​Aquatint + Etching
  • Saad Hasan Khan is on fire
    Digital Mixed Media
  • Inky Seasons
    Water Colors + Etching
  • The Magical kingdom of Angels and Unicorns
    SugarLift + Sugar Bite
  • Coloured Print of Inception Echoes
    Aquatint + Etching
  • Rough Draft for inception Echoes
  • An Artist's Dream
  • Breath
  • Life's Chair