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  • The radio program "Allo la Planète" is a talkshow on a French radio (le Mouv'). It deals with travelers, expatriates, people around the world. During the night of December 21st to December 22nd, which may be the end of the world, but also a change of season, in every case the longest night, they decided to make a show that would take place from midnight to 7:00 am, and would call people around the world to celebrate this event.

    On the poster there are several symbols. First, I figured with the idea of ​​movement, the time in Paris, which will start the program, on the left western point in the world, the islands of Attu (Alaska) where it will be noon on 21 December, and on the right, the eastern point in the world, Caroline Islands (Kiribati), where it will be noon on 22 December at the same time.

    The idea for this poster was designed like a movie poster, with details, headline and a central logo.

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    *Update* : My work is featured on the official " Le Mouv' " website.