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Print & Booklet
The Project is based on redesigning a book to make the book more attractive. The aim and objectives are to create a high quality of presents design strategy and great information structures, which represented part of visual communication design outcomes and build a good book to publish. Furthermore, resolve the problems in a new design of books with supporting by many elements such as to discover the nature of typography, media, and publications, form, the range of grids systems and layout in publication.
Medium Smooth White Paper 120 gsm, 19 cm x 26 cm


Seamless: Where Costume meets Dance takes the viewer behind the scenes to discover and explore the creative process of designing costume for dance. This is a booklet produced by The Arts Centre. It will have interviews of costume designers, their sketches, studios and work. It will also cover dance programs, highlighting transition of costumes from one decade to another. It will be a give-away at the exhibition itself and will be especially helpful to aspiring as well as established costume designers.
Medium Saxton smooth paper 120 gsm – 16 cm x 17 cm