Primavera Sound 2013
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Primavera Sound 2013 Line-up
Primavera Sound 2013 Line-Up Titles
Production Co. Igloo Films and agency Snoop contacted us to develop the Primavera Sound 2013 line-up video. The agency and production co. worked together on the script and we were given total freedom to interpret it. We concentrated transitions, rhythm and mood.
The strength and flow of the video lies in the transitions, so we focused on those parts of the script. The rhythm and pace of the video was another challenge – we had a long list of artists but we managed to get the video down to 2:40 min- as we wanted to achieve a fast piece tempo while not overlooking the legibility.We also tried to translate the fun mood of the script into the animated style. We decided to mix 2D, 3D and traditional frame to frame animation. The illustrations were done by Error! design. We also worked on them, creating, modifying, and finishing scenes as well as typographic compositions.
Agency: Snoop Barcelona
Production Co.: Igloo Films
Direction: Alex Julià (Igloo Films)
Illustration & design: Error design / Device
Animation: Device