Pride of Place - exhibition stand

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  • Pride of Place - working with
    local community.
  • The brief was to design display or mini exhibition showing community work of three wards in South Bristol area. Using 3 sq meter space given by the M Shed museum this stand supposed to represent Neighbourhood Partnership. Collecting and sorting out the data with members of community was the hardest part of the whole project. After that I had free hand to come up with the appropriate design. By choosing simple graphic elements and big colour space I wanted to create clean and modern look;something none would expected from bad rep council estate like Knowle West. Exhibition was a huge success and made residents proud which was the biggest achievement.
  • All the texts and photos were printed on the separate pieces of cardboard and fixed with velcro so they can easily be replaced. This is the final display a day before the opening of the exhibition. One person can put it up within 5 - 10 minutes and move around with no problem. Good bless cardboard!
  • The main artwork was divided into 8 smaller panels. Together with a detailed map of all three wards they became a background for the exchangeable info panels. To cover this quite big space of cardboard with something more then plain colour I came up with the idea of trees, birds on a wire and a man with dog. Besides additional detail they also expressed the local approach to green spaces as all three wards have lots of parks and open space.