Price To Be Paid

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  • A short movie done in a group of 2 person by using Adobe After Effects. All the elements are hand drawn, scanned and saved as png. It's a story of a kid who lived in the refugee camp. He wrote a letter for the only person he knew, Mr. President. This movie is telling about his letter.

    We are also required to do the website design using Adobe Flash. It consist of 6 pages. Home page, storyline, storyboard, cast&crew, shortmovie and credits.
  • First page. When open, the "price to be paid will come from the top. The 2 lines will appear just like we draw a line. And the play button will appear slowly. Each button at the top (storyline, storyboard, cast&crew, shortmovie, and credits) have the roll over effect.
  • Storyline page. Rollover effect on pencil.
  • All thumbnails are clickable. Rollover effect is to brighten the images.
  • When clicked on the thumbnail the bigger image will pop out. To go back, click anywhere outside the image and button just like viewing photos in Facebook. There are next and previous button as well.
  • Cast&Crew page. Here are some characters that are used in the movie. Each of the thumbnails are clickable, the same as storyboard.
  • When clicked on the thumbnail, the photo will appear and the paper will come from the back of the photo. Text will come out using masking.
  • Shortmovie page.
  • Credits page.
  • Sketches