Prey to Predator

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  • Botique Hotel Concept for the John Chambers Building, Wellington

    “ One can look up to those who rose to the height of their power or look down on underlings. When a picture of a hierarchy is drawn, the most powerful person is usually at the top, and the subordinates are drawn below. ”
    -Thomas W. Schubert
  • Height is a symbol of power in an interior realm. The tectonics in this design concentrates on supporting and reiterating this idea by introducing the metaphor of a predator pouncing on its prey.

    Through this idea, my design of a hotel for the John Chambers Building uses persuasive and engaging interior components to lure and sway occupants to wanting to be at the top of the intervention (the predator).

    Through this journey that progressively increases in height, occupants receive the opportunity to witness their starting point (the JCB Heritage Entrance/space of the prey), and to look on and upwards to the pathway that beholds them.

    The design’s sweeping gesture that correspondingly forms an atrium, creates enveloping forms over the newly arrivals of occupants.

    As they walk through from the ground floor, the dramatic emphasise inflicting on them causes them to question their place in the aggressive intervention and creates a desire to advance in status.

    The open foyer also provides a sense of relativity to the occupant as when they walk through the atrium, they can gaze up to the spaces where they are curious to arrive at and be part of.