Prestige Paranoia Persona Vol. l

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  •  Prestige Paranoia Persona Vol. l
  • He was there in the beginning before rap music was popular in Denmark. Later on when it became popular, he changed the game and he is now on top of the mountain he created.

    The danish rapper L.O.C. aka. Liam O'Connor is a lyrical and musical talented persona.
    This is my version of the nine single covers to his latest album; Prestige Paranoia Persona Vol. l. I have always thought of L.O.C. as being the greatest rapper in Denmark, and the reason for that is his lyrical talent and way of making records and developing as a musician. I have spend hours listening to the lyrics and from what I thought was the essential part of the song, I have made the illustrations for the covers. I bow in the dust for a man who doesn't want to be anything else than himself when he grows up.

    This project is made using the right side of the brain and left side of the chest.
    A fictional project.

    Logo is property of L.O.C. & SGMD.