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    Line of product packs for a wheat flour brand.
"Prendada", which means girl or woman with good skills at household chores, especially for culinary, is a wheat flour brand directed to women, mainly those who want to prove themselves as good cooks and show their moms, husbands and sons how good they can be in the kitchen (maybe better than their mothers in law!).

The line of products is divided by their functions: flour for bread and other uses, flour for pizza, cakes, pastry and integral flour. The intention is to put an end to confusions between different kinds of wheat flour, like "00 flour", "flour kind 1", "0 flour", "wheat flour enriched with iron" and others which the consumer doesn't  know the difference.

The flour sack is laminated with BOPP, so it's more resistant to damages and allows the aplication of a plastic adhesive which can be sealed again for best product conservation.