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  • Preconscious
    Depthcore - Obsolete
  • My contribution to Depthcore's chapter entitled "Obsolete". Focusing on the obsolete human race. This piece is a fraction of an important memory that started it all. The reservoir of everything we can remember.

    "If consciousness is then the sum total of everything of which we are aware, pre-consciousness is the reservoir of everything we can remember, all that is accessible to voluntary recall: the storehouse of memory. This leaves the unconscious area of mental life to contain all the more primitive drives and impulses influencing our actions without our necessarily ever becoming fully aware of them, together with every important constellation of ideas or memories with a strong emotional charge, which have at one time been present in consciousness but have since been repressed so that they are no longer available to it, even through introspection or attempts at memory." Quoted from David Stafford-Clark, What Freud Really Said (1965).

    "Depthcore is an international art collective focused on modern and abstract art, incorporating design, photography, animation and audio. Established by Justin Maller and Kevin Stacey in 2002, our membership is comprised of artists of all ages from all locations around the world and all walks of life, united by their love for art, and their passion for innovation." Quoted from Depthcore