Precious set of brochures »Perfection«
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A series of brochures as promotional material for a large print shop
The “heart” of the five-part publication series “Perfection”, bound in golden cloth, shows the scope of services and quality of Schlütersche Druck. In addition, four “Perfect Formats” were created (folder, magazine, catalogue and annual report). These inspire in the development of comparable printed materials with regard to design as well as production technology: by exemplary ideas for contents, page layouts, refinements (punchings, scented lacquer, register) and paper qualitites, but also by Schiller’s “On Grace and Dignity” in a qualified dummy text or checklists for the printing process. Sales brochures become a creative treasure chest.

The project received an iF communication design award 2011.
The project was nominated for the German Design Award 2012.
Four »Perfect Formats«: folder, magazine, cataloque and annual report. In the middle: the »heart« of the fice-part publication series, bound in golden cloth.
“Outstanding design brings a smile to your face”: that was the verdict 
According to the expert jury members of the iF communication design award 2011: “We were really impressed by the overall quality of the entries in every category. Simply put: ideas are the heart of design; if your communication design doesn’t have a strong idea behind it, it’s hard to turn it into reality.”
Winning an iF communication design award not only gives award winners points in the creative and company categories of the , but also in the national rankings of PAGE and W&V Werben und Verkaufen magazines.
Some of the taken into account by the jury were animation, atmosphere, interface and screen design, usability, innovation, creativity and design quality, target audience-specific communication and content, typography, originality, corporate design, choice of materials and finishing, customer relevance, architecture, spatial conception and ambience, and environmental impact.
were judged in the five categories of the iF communication design award 2011. The jury honored of these with an iF award, and the of these with an . The gold awards will be announced at the awards ceremony at BMW World, Munich on .
The , which presents all the award winners including jury statements and further information, will appear in May and will also contain the winners of the iF packaging design award, which takes place every three years.
This year, (Abian GmbH, Hannover/Germany), (Hesse Design GmbH, Duesseldorf/Germany), (Sony Ericsson UX Creative Design Center, Lund/Sweden), (Studio für Mediengestaltung, Vienna/Austria), (Boffi, Lentate Sul Seveso/Italy), (Interbrand, London/United Kingdom), (Schmidhuber + Partner, Munich/Germany), (Gaggenau International, Munich/Germany), (Atelier Prof. Schricker, Stuttgart/Germany) und (iart interactive ag, Basel/Switzerland) met at the Hannover exhibition center to decide on the award winners.