Preakness Group Identity

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  • Preakness Group
  • The Preakness group approached Burst! in search of a new identity. They were looking for a mark that was clean and powerful, yet inviting. One which is easily distinguishable, and reflects their culture and brand values.
    We chose to take a direct approach with the logo. The chosen typeface is bold, with a few adjusted details to create a symmetrical design, which allowed the base to remain contained in a minimal fashion. Added to the typeface is a knight chess piece, which represents strength and strategic business practices. Also fitting to the illustrious annual Preakness race which takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. A strong mark needs a strong slogan. This specific tag line indicates that once a client chooses to utilize any of the Preakness Group’s many services, they are considered part of the machine. The feeling of being a member of an elite group is comforting and reassuring, and a client will be treated with the authority and respect of such. This also indicates full transparency, and any and all information including achievements, strategies, and business order will not only be exposed, but delivered to them through the proper channels.
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