Pratt DxU: Flat Pack Structure

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  •  The Design Exchange Union, or DxU, is a collaborative project between Pratt students from the Industrial Design and Interior Design departments working alongside industry professionals. The project is driven to establish a bridge between the two disciplines.
    The process of design was initiated from the senior design studio Collaborative Prototype Lab - 2 to 2 - with the aim to produce deployable, transportable, sustainable and temporary environments.
    Sponsored by Semios Studios, the Flat Pack structure was developed as a temporary pavilion to provide opportunities for social interaction with design.  The project encourages movement, self-expression and idea exchange.
    Additionally, the Flat Pack structure was developed to demonstrate that there is a creative alternative to tents, shipping containers, kiosks and inflatables for use in Temporary Retail and Outdoor Markets.  The lightweight Flat Pack design allowed for endless customization, multiple configurations and interactive elements, as well as effortless mobility and easy installation.
    Special thanks to Falconboard for donating the material.  The two inch Falconboard Build product is lightweight, has high rigidity and dimensional stability, is easy to cut and is SFI and FSC Certified.
    Project Team:
    Pratt Interior Design:  Leah Brisby, Judy Hsieh, Seonah Oh, Nikola Soen, Francine Monaco (advisor)
    Pratt Industrial Design:  Sierra Seip, Alison Uljee
    Semios Studios:  Ken Stratton, Sam Lugiano