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    Energetic connections
    For the Norwegian company Powel we developed a clear European positioning and strong brand identity. Powel is the leading software supplier for the energy and public sectors focusing on Smart Generation, Smart Grid and technical Infrastructure solutions in Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

    Their unique ICT expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the industry helps create real value for energy and public sector customers in many countries. Business-critical software has been developed in close collaboration with their customers to help them make strategic and operational decisions based on access to timely and accurate information from across the entire utility enterprise.

    Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of open, deregulated and highly competitive markets have positioned Powel as the leading player in its field on the advanced Nordic market. More than 1000 public and private companies, including leading power companies like DONG, E.ON, Fortum, Norsk Hydro and Statkraft, have chosen Powel as their strategic, long-term partner. Since 1996, Powel has grown to be an international corporation with a staff numbering 230, comprised of developers, consultants, and service personnel.
    Powel also has a long tradition of collaborating with SINTEF, the largest research organization in Scandinavia. In short, all these factors come together to make Powel a world-leading software supplier to the energy and public sectors.

    While technology, market conditions, environmental and industrial regulation are rapidly changing, their goal remains the same; to create systems that provide rapid profit improvement, cost management, operating efficiency, and customer service for all our stakeholders, as well as good, close and long-term cooperation with customers and partners.

    In order to add value in these network structures the connective thinking is the central driver for success. We have based a visual language on this principle as well.
    Brand identity
    With its nordic origins, it is in Powel’s DNA to match and weave the perfect connections of technology and expertise to create sustainable yet powerful solutions for its customers. The Powel connection concept in the wavy shape symbolizes Powel’s energetic connections. The wave is the powerfull source for forward thinking inherent to the company’s mentality of passionate, innovative professionals. Powel’s future integrating software solutions cause beneficial effects in the field of power supply and public sectors – Powel’s contribution to society.

    Client: Powel AS
    Project: Brand Identity
    Agency: Total Identity

    Account Director: Bob van der Lee
    Creative Director: Felix Janssens
    Design: Jochem Duijff, Felix Janssens, Arthur Remacle
    Photography: Øystein Hermstad
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