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Fashion Photography for the brand Virgínia Lotus, as an Editorial for her collection of 2009.
Poéticas da Cidade
Editorial de moda de Virgínia Lotus, Outono/Inverno 2009.

City's poetics

Editorial of Virgínia Lotus, Winter/Fall 2009.

"Poéticas da Cidade" é o tema desta coleção de inverno da grife Virgínia Lotus. Fotografia e ilustrações feitas por mim.
"City's Poetics" is the theme of this winter collection.
Photography and Illustration by me.

Clothes by . Virgínia Lotus
Art direction . Akemi Takenaka
Styled by . Flávia Virgínia
Fashion Production: Alice Chaves
Photographed by . Akemi Takenaka
Model . Natchely Fernandes
Make and hair by . Aléxia Murta
Illustration: Akemi Takenaka