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Potch is a practical and presentable food container that solves storage issues on small and regular kitchens.
Potch was a academic assignment for our Project II class at UFRJ. The theme was "kitchen problems" and we had to choose one and help to solve it.

We choose storage. Everyone has storage problems. We focused on smaller apartaments, where this problem would be potencialized. Smaller families means smaller fridges and cabinets. We choosed to focus on a dinamic daily routine: when cooking everyday is not an option you have to cook on weekend and just microwave your way through the week. This often means more dirty pans, dishes and tableware everyday.

When you handle your meal you do three things:
With this most people get at least 3 dirty things to clean up eventually. That's 3 actions and 3 different containers which later on must be stored.

What if you could only use one container?
It would have to be:
Potch has 3 product lines: Thin (green), Regular (orange) and Bold (red). The colors where thought to warn about the food quantity in each one.
Each product line has 4 products: M, 2M, 4M and 6M. M comes from "Module".
All the products can be stacked together, no matter which order you choose.
And the same aplies for random Potch products.
Three Potchs, well organized, will be only 12.75 centimeters tall (aprox. 5 inches). These little spheres show how much food each container can storage: 1 sphere for Thin, 2 for Regular and 3 for Bold.
They can be stacked closed too (when storing food).
Potch is made of glass and silicone (which can endure the oven's temperature, but it's not recommended). It's practical, presentable and space-saving.

What are you waiting? Go buy your Potch!
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