• Title: Resist This
    Client: Kate Keleher, a choreographer of Resist This
    Date: April 2011

    Resist This was a dance concert completely choreographed by students. The concert incorporated the use of light and shadows in the dances. The prominent colors were red and blue. I replicated and showcased that in the poster. 
  • Title: Cabaret
    Client: Macalester Theatre and Dance Department - Harry Waters Jr. , Director of Cabaret
    Date: September 2010

    My boss and I discussed and came up with the concept and I brought it to life. 
  • Title: Poetry Performance
    Client: Macalester American Studies Department
    Date: March 2012

    The words in the background are popped out using different opacities and jewel tones highlighting the idea of colorful poetry.
  • Title: Music Poster Template
    Client: Macalester Music Department
    Date: October 2012

    The poster template design is based on the Fine Arts Events Brochure that I designed, keeping a consistent design standard. 
  • Title: Keynote speaker: Bruce Yamashita
    Client: Macalester College Asian Pacific Awareness Month Committee
    Date: March 2011
  • Title: Flying Fingers Concert
    Client: Flying Fingers
    Date: April 2011
  • Title: Board of Trustees: Student Representative Search
    Client: Board of Trustees, Macalester College
    Date: September 2010