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  • Studio Polifunzionale Cal
    Aperitivo in chiacchiere

    Poster for a series of meetings built and focused on many aspects of modern life,
    Located at the Studio Polifunzionale Cal (Mantova, Italy).
  • CER e Palestra OLOS
    Programma integrato di Allenamento “Mente-Corpo”
    Poster for the first Training integrated program studied by Dr Rossana Elena Cal and Palestra OLOS (Mantova, Italy).
  • Circolo Culturale Eureka  &  Mº Sergio Bellotti
    Do You Speak Drumming?

    320x450 mm poster for an interactive workshop held in Cherasco (Cuneo) by Mº Sergio Bellotti.
  • Banda “G. Cotti” - Città di Asti
    Seminario di studio per Maestri Direttori di Orchestra di Fiati

    320x450 mm poster for a specialistic seminar held with the special partecipation of Mº Jacob de Haan.

  • Banda “G. Cotti” - Città di Asti
    “La Cittadina” – Asti e la sua Banda

    320x450 mm poster for a music evening with the “Banda ‘G. Cotti’ - Città di Asti”.
  • Senza Espressione

    320x450 mm poster for an interactive workshop about the synergy between joint mobility, sports activity and music live performance by Senza Espressione.
  • Senza Espressione  &  OfficinaLS
    Movimento e Improvvisazione

    320x450 cm poster for a meeting taken by OfficinaLS, with audio support by Senza Espressione.
  • Take 1  –  Study on light and color effects as "movement"; sketched font as "improvisation".
  • Take 2  –  Stroboscopic effect in order to remind "movement" with a static image.
    This is the development of the following photograph, Sven Geier’s DNA Mutation, taken in
    (a "free stock photo site").
  • The same image were also used by Geoff Gans to design Paul Simon’s 2011 album: this unintentional concurrence caused the rejection of Take 2.
  • Take 3  –  More "classical" type, designing "dance" (being part of "movement").
  • Take 4  –  Another insight on light effects.
  • Take 5  –  Although this has been the very first idea for the poster, it has been kept until the end of the process,
    waiting to get a proper development.
    This is the chosen one.
  • Senza Espressione

    320x450 mm poster for an Audio-visual performance by Italian Duo Senza Espressione
    (Paola Salvadeo, piano – Sara Malandrone, percussions).