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Various posters that I've designed.
Stupid Video
Inspired by most videos found on the internet.
Autumn Gradient
Vector illustration. After a certain point Illustrator just couldn't handle displaying it anymore. So I had to sacrifice about 20% of the detail that I originally intended for this. Still, it came out pretty good. I think I just need to learn to go simpler.
Stay Single Poster
Poster design for an independant film. The director sent me the source photos and a rough mock up of what he wanted. I then translated that idea into something more refined for the final. (The extra disembodied arms were the director's idea. I tried to offer alternate ideas, but he refused to budge on this point. So there they are.)
11/11/11 Poster
This was a poster redesign for an independant film titled 11/11/11. The director came to me with the idea that he wanted and a mock-up that he created. He needed me to punch it up and refine some of the effects that he was going for.