Posters for various projects

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  • This folder contains Posters of various projects.
  • GREEN SQUARE- Promoting graphic design education

    The task was to design a poster for an organisation called Green square that promotes graphic design.

    I have shown an old sheet on the top, it is blank and color is fading, it flips to show a page filled with color and logos...this is life ..
  • The task was to make a 20 by 30 inch poster of a known movie..with the people you know as the actors in it. so this is my version of Dostana...a sequel to it..its 2(do)stana...
    for a bigger picture see next image..! =)
    all done on photoshop ! =)
  • a poster on the urdu/arabic font Kufic
  • a second poster on the urdu/arabic font Kufic
  • Advertising project
    BoviChic Print Ad
    Concept- Introducing BoviChic to the 'Defence and Clifton crowd.
    Software- Photoshop
  • Self poster
    Inspired by Paula Schers style of work
    Text written by hand on the Wacom tablet