Poster for Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival 2012

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  • In 2012, I got the honor to make the poster for Uppsala International Short Film Festival. I've been doing the trailers for this festival, but this was my first attempt at the official festival poster. It was used in posters and flyers in various sizes, billboards, catalogue, t-shirts, and more. 
    Uppsala is filled with jackdaws, and when winning the official prize at the festival, 'Uppsala Grand Prix', you receive a bronze statuette called 'Uppsala Film Jackdaw'. It was therefore a quite easy choice to include these birds somehow, and finally I decided to make a silhouette of a jackdaw head, built up with small jackdaws. The white pattern in the background is a city map of Uppsala. 
  • I sneaked in three tiny film references in the poster, just for fun. No one actually noticed them, until I hinted about them. (see three close-ups below)
  • Some examples of usage in different areas: 
  • (Sorry for the poor photo...)
  • (This is the street where they filmed the parade flashback scene in 'The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo'. My dad was an extra, and you can spot him on the left for a split second in the movie.)
  • (This is the entrance to Slottsbiografen, the famous old cinema, which Ingmar Bergman frequently visited as a child.)