Poster for Short Film Festival in Drama

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    The main idea behind the poster design, is based on the Festival's title satirizing the word "short" and presenting it in a wittier way. The phrase “size doesn’t matter”, which could become the 'motto' of this year’s festival,  serves to further support the poster’s creative part and makes it easier for people to understand its concept.
    In the first proposal, the basic theme, "36", is designed minimalistically in the form of a wooden measure so as to be connected with the meanings of: “size”, “dimension”, “length”, “short”. The colors chosen are highly contrasting to give an eye-catching as well as modern character.
    In the second proposal the key element is a ruler whose numbers are replaced by all the past dates the Festival took place. It was designed with vintage color combinations to give a sense of the festival’s timelessness.
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