Poster design for exibition on Brasilia's 50th birthday

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  • This is my contribution to the Brasilia Dice 50 Poster exibition. The pattern starts at the pink and pale green lines that are drawn after the real plan of Brasilia. The structure is growing to all sides as the city has been growing fast in the last fifty years of existence. The elements of the graphic symbolize the communication between the people of Brasilia.

    Take a look at all the submissions to the Brasilia Dice 50. Poster Design! celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the city of Brasilia and the 5th Anniversary of design studio Brasilia Prima at the online exibition on their website  Real exibition in Brasilia coming soon.
    I loved contributing to this architectural topic. And I like my poster standing next to the poster by design heros TOMATO :)
  • This is the original plan (by principal urban planner Lúcio Costa), also known as "Plano Piloto", where the most important government buildings are located. When seen from above, the main planned part of the city's shape resembles an airplane or a butterfly. The plan was inspiration and fundament of my poster design.