Post Owl [Packaging and Branding]

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  •  Post Owl Postal ServicesThe Creation of a Fictional Postal Service
  • Post Owl Postal Services is an alternative mail service which promises fast delivery, quality service and a memorable experience. The slogan “Make it Special” gives consumers a reason to go back to “snail mail” services, such as Post Owl. It reinforces the idea of letter-writing as a personal experience that strengthens the bond between sender and recipient.
    My responsibilities included: Concept, Color, Character/Logo Design, Font, Advertisements, Mailing Supplies, and Design of Post Mark Stamp.

    So make it special, use Post Owl.

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Spring 2012.
  • Post Owl Post Mark Stamp
  • Post Owl Business Card

  • Post Owl Advertisement: Make It Special