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Jewelry Design, Photography, Layout/Art Direction by PoseManikin © 2012
PoseManikin OOAK Shadow Jewelry Collection
I've been working hard over the past couple months and today I've finally launched my OOAK Shadow Jewelry Collection! More info about my jewelry... (taken from my website)

Most of the jewelry I design is OOAK. I feel it is important to encourage the beauty of each individual woman. There is something incredible about the unique features every woman possesses. So incredible, I wish more women would embrace who they are and shred the traditional skin of fashion and customize according to their own personal charm. ...You're one of a kind so Be unique, stay YOU.

Beads, crystals, metal, stone, leather, pearls, wood and chain. These are some of my favorite materials to design with. When I design, I don't always visualize a final piece. It's a process I compare to painting on canvas. The materials, like paint, merge together to complete an exquisite picture.

I currently have two collections. Pieces from the Shadow Collection may be purchased via my web shop. Pieces from the Etsy Collection may be purchased via PoseManikin Etsy.

Contact Me at if you would like to inquire more about my jewelry; or you would like a custom piece designed.

Thanks for looking!


Note: All jewelry design, photography, design/layout done by PoseManikin © 2012