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A series of portraits done in a week's time.
I think that my portfolio by and large is missing people. And people love seeing people, so I decided to test myself and do seven portraits in seven days, with a new portrait posted every morning. It turns out that I did eight. And now I'm posting them all here, in the order in which they were originally finished.
Janelle Monáe - this woman is so awesome. 
Drake - I had a lot of fun adding the zipper.
Lucy Liu - Love her.
Tom Ford - fashion designer. 
Rebecca Hazlewood - British actress on Outsourced, which is a show that I love.
Zachary Quinto - best eyebrows ever.
Nicki Minaj - I'm not thrilled with this portrait, but it's still one of the original seven and therefore worth posting.
Fiona Apple - I went for a lot more complex shapes with this and put the things I'd learned from the other seven portraits to use. I will try and hone this as a form of working.